Credit can be granted to those who want to get their car – money to buy a car.

Credit is a cash loan that can help in different situations.

Credit is a cash loan that can help in different situations.

loan company is both a consumer loan against a pledge of the car to be used at the discretion of the recipient and a loan to purchase a new car. credit 

Loan company offers:

  • Car mortgage credit;
  • Car purchase money or car leasing.

Loan company loan against car mortgage and money for car purchase – various human needs and goals! Let’s look at these two loans below.

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Loan

  • Loan against car collateral – up to 90% of your car value ;

  • Credit from 250 to 15000 lats ;

  • Get a loan and keep your car – you can continue to drive !

  • Loan repayment period – from 1 to 60 months ;

  • You can get a cash loan in as little as one day ;

  • Applying for credit – online – from anywhere ;

  • Filling out a loan application – in just a few minutes ;

  • The loan is available to people who already have another credit ;

  • No account is taken of a person’s income and credit history – the loan amount will be determined solely by the value of the car.

Car collateral loan – how is it done?

Car collateral loan - how is it done?

  1. Credit – if you belong to a car that’s not older than 20 years – not as a record s in your name, to pass the technical inspection and MTPL insurance;

  2. Apply for a loan – fill out the loan company application form;

  3. Get a loan to use for your needs!

Money to buy a car

  • Cash credit up to 90% of the value of the car viewed ;

  • The down payment is 10% to be paid by you – the new car owner;

  • loan company credit for both new and used car ;

  • Loan for car value from 500 to 10000 lats ;

  • Loan repayment term – from 1 to 60 months ;

  • If you want to buy a used car – it cannot be older than 20 years ;

  • Applying for a loan – online ;

  • It does not take a long time to complete a loan application – just a few minutes;

  • Car Credit – How’s It Going?

  1. You have to choose the car you want to buy;

  2. loan company loan application must be completed;

  3. loan company will give you credit – up to 90% of the market value of the car you watch!

A loan that can help you get a consumer loan and get a new car! Borrow responsibly – choose the loan that suits you and the repayment period. loan – both to borrow, guarantee your car and to get the coveted car. Only a few minutes and your plans can be realized! Borrow wisely!

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