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YORP effect – Solar radiation

When the sun enters its red giant stage in about six billion years, scientists say it will cause a chain reaction of asteroid explosions in the asteroid belt. These small rocky bodies will explode thanks to the YORP effect, a phenomenon in which solar radiation causes rapid changes in the rotation of asteroids. Once the […]

In its dying breath our sun will erase the asteroid belt

“Not only will our own asteroid belt be destroyed, but it will be done quickly and violently.” Angry sun Before it finally goes out, scientists say, our Sun will suddenly become so bright that it will reduce the entire asteroid belt to dust, erasing it with the fiercely bright light of a dying star. “Not […]

Just before our sun dies, its light will shatter the asteroid belt into dust

The light from a dying star is so intense that it can reduce asteroids to dust. A new study says this will happen to most of the stars currently burning in the Universe, including the Sun, which will shatter its asteroid belt into boulders in about 5 to 6 billion years. The only agent of […]

Researchers predict sun will destroy asteroid belt in six billion years

Researchers predict that the Sun will destroy our solar system’s asteroid belt in six billion years. A new study from the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (via Sci-News) predicts that when the Sun becomes a white dwarf, the star’s radiation will be strong enough to spin asteroids in our solar system. Eventually, the […]

Asteroid belt will be pulverized by the sun in six billion years, researchers predict

According to new research by scientists at the University of Warwick and the University of Colorado, scientists at Boulder, electromagnetic radiation from stars at the end of their giant branch phase – lasting only a few million years. before they collapsed into white dwarfs – would be strong enough to spin even at a distance […]

The gravitational conflict that created the asteroid belt

This image from the Hubble Space Telescope reveals the gradual self-destruction of an asteroid, whose dusty material ejected formed two long, thin tails resembling comets. Credit: NASA, ESA, K. Meech and J. Kleyna (University of Hawaii), and O. Hainaut (European Southern Observatory) The asteroid belt is the ring-shaped disc made up of small, irregular bodies […]