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We’re never gonna mine the asteroid belt

What would science fiction be without space exploration? From Ellen Ripley in “Alien” and Dave Lister in “Red Dwarf”, to Sam Bell in “Moon” and “The Expanse’s” Naomi Nagata, the harshest ending of interstellar drama would be private if it weren’t for had the engineers and their mineral processing operations. It is such an alluring […]

Why we’ll never mine the asteroid belt

Representative image | Pixabay Text size: A- A + Where would be science fiction without space mining? Of Ellen Ripley in Extraterrestrial and Dave Lister in Red dwarf, to Sam Bell in Moon and The extent‘s Naomi Nagata, the harsher end of the interstellar drama would be private if it weren’t for engineers in general […]

Deep space meteorite entering asteroid belt could be responsible for life on Earth

New research using magnetism has provided important data that will help scientists understand the early origins of the solar system. The data will also help them understand why some planets such as Earth became habitable and were able to maintain conditions suitable for life, while others, like Mars, did not. A report published on the […]