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Study: Dino-killer is not from the asteroid belt

A Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex) skeleton, named STAN, is on display during a press preview at Christie’s Rockefeller Center on September 15 in New York City. 66 million years ago, a huge celestial object struck off the coast of present-day Mexico, triggering a catastrophic cooling period that ultimately wiped out three-quarters of life on Earth, including […]

Humans could live on a floating asteroid belt in space, astrophysicist says

The humans colonizing the asteroid belt may look like science fiction – The Expanse, to be exact – but Pekka Janhunen, an astrophysicist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, wants to make it a reality. He recently published an article theorizing on the feasibility of a “mega-satellite” settlement, connecting tens of millions of square kilometers of […]