Catch astronomy at will at Greenpoint Library and Pete’s Candy Shop

In June, Astronomy on Tap made its in-person return to Pete’s Candy Store. And this month, astronomy enthusiasts can check out an additional special iteration of the out-of-this-world gathering at the Greenpoint Library.

Scary science! The Night of Astronomy will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 25. Aspiring astronomers can register for free here.

Join Astronomy on Tap NYC and the Amateur Astronomer Association for a “night of scare, a tsunami of zombies, a cauldron of Aldeberans and telescopes precariously balanced on tightropes” hosted by AoT Producer Brian Levine, regular member of the CUNY NOAA CESSRST team, and a board member of the New York City Museum Educators’ Roundtable.

“[The event is] is going to be in their little exhibit display space upstairs, and we’ve had themes in the past, so we’re theming this spooky science for Halloween,” Levine explained. “It also happens in the month that they have a little space exhibit. The Association of Amateur Astronomers of New York, I believe, recently partnered with them to purchase telescopes. So we’ll pull them out and – assuming the skies are clear – we’ll have at least one or two people to help us. And at the very least, Jupiter will be out.

The evening will include an introduction to the astronomical art exhibit, as well as talks by KE Saavik Ford, CUNY BMCC Professor and Research Associate at the American Museum of Natural History, and Kat Troche, NASA Solar System Ambassador and Vice-President of the Association of Amateur Astronomers. operations; games, and the aforementioned rooftop view (weather permitting).

“Wherever that stretches, we try to have a show,” said Mark Popinchalk, another frequent AoT volunteer organizer and CUNY/AMNH astrophysics PhD candidate. “We are in a bit of a growth phase. We are coming back to be in person and are already very excited about the response we saw at Pete’s, and appreciated that some of the regulars have traveled for multiple events.

AoT’s monthly events at Pete’s also continue in the back room and have proven to be a great evolution of the event as the flow of the space allows conversations with speakers and other attendees to continue even when people return to the bar, all of which fits into the organizers’ philosophy of increasing the speaking experience and networking of their guests, many of whom are young professionals.

And if you’re not a budding physicist, fear not. Astronomy on Tap makes sure to cater to the needs of a general audience, even going so far as to enforce a “no jargon allowed” rule.

“It differs depending on the event. The last event we had, a group of graduate students showed up who had just heard of the event and lived in the area and they did pretty well in the trivia, but I would say the makeup of the crowd is usually made up of people who come to support their friends – some of them have experience in astronomy, some don’t – or the regulars, who again, some know things, some don’t.

And no, people generally don’t cheat (or at least don’t get caught), although there are prizes.

The event at Greenpoint Library is for people 18 and older. There will be no alcohol served at the event, but this may not be suitable for children. For more information, go here.

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