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Bad astronomy | NASA’s return to the moon will also spot an asteroid close to Earth

Well it’s interesting: NASA launches spaceship to explore asteroids on Artemis I, the first test flight in their attempt to return to the moon. The spaceship is called Near-Earth Asteroid, or NEA Scout, and get this: it uses a solar sail for propulsion, the first interplanetary mission to do so! OK, first: Artemis I is […]

Catch shooting stars from the Perseids! – Astronomy now

It’s that time of year again! The Perseid meteor shower, which peaks this week, is eagerly awaited by observers who hope to enjoy the spectacular sight of several meteors raining down on balmy summer nights. A stunning composite image of the Perseid 2020 meteor shower over the island of Seč in the Pardubice region of […]

Shanghai Astronomical Museum Ennead Architects China

China has inaugurated an extraordinary astronomical museum in Shanghai. Serving as the largest museum of its kind, the Shanghai Astronomical Museum is designed by the New York architectural firm, Ennéad Architects and features a massive 420,000 square foot futuristic backdrop, as if stepping into one of your most beloved sci-fi movie sets. The cosmos seems […]