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6-year search of the outer solar system reveals 461 new objects (but no planet 9)

In the near future, astronomers will benefit from the presence of new generation telescopes like the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (RST). At the same time, improved data mining and machine learning techniques will also allow astronomers to get the most out of existing instruments. In the process, […]

This “dog bone” asteroid challenges our knowledge of the solar system

Astronomers have detailed that a “dog-bone” asteroid challenges human understanding of our solar system. SEE THE GALLERY – 2 IMAGES Astronomers recently used the European Space Agency’s Very Large Telescope to take what are now considered the best images of the dog-bone-shaped asteroid named Kleopatra. Franck Marchis, senior planetary astronomer at the SETI Institute in […]

Asteroid ‘Kleopatra’ challenges what we know about the solar system

The most detailed telescope photographs to date of the asteroid Kleopatra – named after the ancient Egyptian queen – clearly show its odd “dog bone” shape, and astronomers say their studies may provide clues as to the solar system. The latest observations of the asteroid, more than 125 million kilometers from Earth in the main […]

Researcher in the study of small bodies of the solar system with QUEENS UNIVERSITY BELFAST

Closing date for applications 10/13/2021 Salary £ 34,304 to £ 35,326 per year Job Category / Type Research job description Are you curious about the universe and would like to be part of a leading research center that encompasses both observational and theoretical astrophysics? The School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen’s University Belfast is […]

Over 450 previously unknown objects have been discovered in our solar system

The far reaches of the solar system are a strange and mysterious place. Beyond Neptune’s orbit, where it is cold and dark, a swarm of icy objects called the Kuiper Belt orbits the Sun, believed to be more or less unchanged since the birth of the solar system. Because it is so dark and far […]

NASA’s Lucy Mission Resources – Explore the Solar System

This page presents our resources for those who want to learn more about Mission Lucy. It includes activities that can be done at home as well as videos, animations, stories and articles. Follow the Lucy Mission via #LucyMission and @NASASolarSystem on your favorite social media platform. On this page: Videos and animations Lucie’s journey Meet […]

Debris from the first collisions in the solar system is gone as it vaporized

The asteroid belt could just as easily be the wreckage of the solar system. Asteroids, comets and other objects floating in it are mostly junk from eons ago. So if so much garbage exists in the asteroid belt, then where is the impact debris from the violent collisions that occurred when the solar system was […]

The fastest orbiting asteroid found in our solar system

A recently discovered asteroid is standing near our sun – much closer than our own planet Earth. The asteroid, called 2021 PH27, orbits the sun every 113 days and approaches within 20 million kilometers of our star. This gives this space rock the distinction of having the shortest known orbital period for an asteroid – […]

“Countless” interstellar objects found at the edge of the solar system and how bacteria generate electricity

A representative image of the distance of the planets in the solar system to the Oort cloud | Communal room Text size: A- A + New Delhi: Scientists have discovered that the Oort Cloud, a spherical layer of icy objects on the edge of the solar system, could harbor countless interstellar objects belonging to our […]

Unravel a mystery about Vesta, the second largest asteroid in our solar system

Vesta is the second largest asteroid in our solar system and is believed to be a proto-planet. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft visited Vesta in 2011. The mission revealed two massive impact craters and a few strange hollows encircling them. Asteroid Vesta is the second largest asteroid in the Solar System’s asteroid belt, with a diameter of […]