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Oort cloud at edge of solar system is full of ‘interstellar objects’, scientists suggest

The Oort cloud at the edge of our solar system could be filled with interstellar objects, scientists say. The new document comes in the wake of the arrival of Borisov, a snowball that made its way to Earth in 2019 and turned out to be from another solar system. It is the first and only […]

The solar system continues to throw stones at us. Next year we’ll throw something back

The most recent NASA asteroid data paints a grim picture. There are over 25,000 asteroids circling the solar system like a huge pack of hungry wolves, and over 9,000 of them are listed as near-Earth objects. But these are only the ones we know of, as there are potentially 15,000 more, yet to be discovered, […]

Carolyn Cordonnier, 1929-2021 | Virtual Solar System Exploration Research Institute

Carolyn Shoemaker, one of America’s greatest female astronomers, has passed away. Remarkably, she ** started ** her astronomical career in 1980, at age 51! In the 1980s and 1990s, she used films taken with the Palomar Observatory’s wide-field telescope, combined with a stereoscope, to find objects moving against the background of fixed stars. In 1996, […]

Asteroid ‘Goldmine’ in our solar system is full of metals worth ‘quadrillions’

An asteroid said to be filled with precious metals worth over 10,000 quadrillion dollars (8,072 quadrillion pounds) is currently in our solar system. Asteroid “Psyche 16” is a 124-mile-wide space rock that orbits the sun in the asteroid belt, a donut-shaped region of space between Mars and Jupiter – containing well over one million rocks. […]

Solar System 2.0: Earth-like Planet Found in Neighboring Star System “Could Support Life” | Sciences | New

The star L 98-59 is only 35 light years from Earth and its orbiting planets have attracted the interest of experts. Two of them, closest to the star, are probably dry, but an “ocean world” could be a prime candidate to support alien life. It’s only half the mass of Venus, but much of that […]

Galileo project to search for extraterrestrial artifacts hidden in the solar system

Without engaging in any fundraising, Loeb has already secured enough seed money to launch the Galileo project, and he has put together a research team that includes scientists (currently working on a voluntary basis) from Caltech, Cambridge University. , Harvard, Princeton, Stockholm University, University of Tokyo and other institutions. Unexplained phenomena One of the main […]

The dinosaur-killer asteroid came from the “dark corners” of our solar system

Illustration of a large asteroid colliding with Earth 66 million years ago in the Yucatan Peninsula … [+] in (which is modern) Mexico. This impact is believed to have resulted in the deaths of dinosaurs and other groups of animals. Getty A meteorite about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) in diameter that would have wiped out […]