Features of the planet Mercury that can be taught to the smaller, larger than the Moon

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Mom and the little angel are lovers of the solar system and space? If so, you already know the planet Mercury, right?

Mercury is one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system. However, Mercury does not have its own moon and orbits the Sun faster than any other planet.

The Romans named the planet after their fiery messenger god. The Sumerians also knew about Mercury at least 5,000 years ago. He is often associated with Naboo, the god of writing.

A Brief History of Mercury

Mercury has been known since ancient times, you know, mother. Not without reason, it’s because Mercury can be seen without using a fancy telescope.

Mercury had two spacecraft when it was discovered. These are Mariner 10 and Messenger.

the smallest planet in the solar system

Launched from NASA’s SpacePlace page, Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system. Mercury is also a small rocky terrestrial planet.

Even though it is said to be the smallest planet, it is still larger than the Moon, Mother. Craters on Mercury formed when a 100 km wide asteroid collided with Mercury.

Moreover, Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Still, that doesn’t mean Mercury is the hottest planet, mom. In fact, the hottest planet in the solar system is its own neighbor Venus.

wedding time

Mercury spins slower than Earth, mother. It takes 59 Earth days for Mercury to make a complete revolution.

A year on Mercury will pass very quickly. Indeed, Mercury is very close to the Sun at a distance of about 57 million kilometers, so it does not take much time to go around it.

It takes about 88 Earth days for Mercury to complete one revolution around the Sun. This means that if you live on the planet Mercury, you will have a birthday every three months.

A day on Mercury is not the same as a day on Earth. On Earth, the Sun rises and sets every day. Since Mercury’s rotation is slow and the years are short, it takes a long time for the Sun to rise and set.

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