“Golden Ring of Fire” solar eclipse image wins “Astronomical Photographer of the Year” competition



An image taken of a ‘ring of fire’ annular solar eclipse at last year’s summer solstice triumphed at the annual event Astronomy Photographer of the Year 13 organized by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London.

Chinese photographer Shuchang Dong took the image of Ali in Tibet on June 21, 2020 during today’s dramatic annular solar eclipse, when 99.4% of the Sun was covered by the Moon for less than a minute, view of parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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The phenomenon, known as the “ring of fire” eclipse, will then occur on October 14, 2023 in the United States, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and Brazil. .

In addition to winning the top prize of $ 13,900 (£ 10,000), the photo will be featured in the winning photography exhibition which will open at the National Maritime Museum on September 18, 2021.

“Perfection and simplicity, which can lead to a winning image,” Judge László Francsics said of Dong’s “The Golden Ring” photo. “The square crop has a tension with the mystical ring, and the hazy blue sky is the complementary to the yellow ring. A true masterpiece “.

Other standout images that won specific categories include:

“The Sun sharing its crown with a comet”

Above: This photo by Vincent Bouchama, France was taken from El Cuy, Río Negro, Argentina, December 14, 2020. A composite, it shows the full range of events of a total solar eclipse, the shine of the earth, the prominences, the pearls of Baily, the chromosphere and the crown. The presence of a special guest can be noticed on the right edge of the frame – Comet C / 2020 X3 (SOHO), which had been discovered only the day before.

“The dance of the polar lights”

Above: The haunting Aurora dance taken from the deck of a ship by Third Officer Dmitrii Rybalka (Russia), who was on watch that night.

“Beyond the members”

Above: Venus rising above the rocky horizon of the Moon by Nicolas Lefaudeux (France).

“Winter lock”

Above: A poignant image of the star trail taken during the lockdown by Deepal Ratnayaka (UK) who captured the restrictive but hopeful essence of 2020.

“A Falcon 9 passes in front of the Moon”

Above: The exceptional image of Space X Falcon 9 rocket passing the Moon by Paul Eckhardt (USA).

“Family photo of the solar system”

Above: Zhipu Wang (China), 15, wins first prize in the Young Competition category for his astonishing composition of the Sun, the Moon and the planets of the solar system.

Astronomical photographer of the year is managed by the Royal Observatory Greenwich in association with BBC Sky at night mmagazine. Now in its thirteenth year, the competition has received over 4,500 entries from 75 countries.

I wish you clear skies and big eyes.


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