India shines at the International Astronomical and Astrophysical Olympics, winning 4 gold and 1 silver

India made history at the 14th International Astronomical and Astrophysical Olympiad (IOAA), 2021, after participants won four gold and one silver medals.

The contest, hosted by Colombia, took place virtually this year, from November 14 to 21, under COVID-19 restrictions. India took first place with countries like Thailand and Russia in the overall medal count after winning second place in the team competition and individual competitions.

Among the five participants, Anilesh Bansal from Faridabad, Suren from Hisar, Arhaan Ahmad from Meerut and Chahel Singh from Pune won the gold medal. Meanwhile, Dhru Ahlawat, a resident of Mumbai, won the silver medal.

Anilesh Bansal placed second on the overall merit list, as reported The federal government.

About the Olympiad

According to reports, the competition had a total of 298 students across 62 teams, including guest teams, from 52 countries.

The competition consisted of a five-hour theory exam, a three-hour data analysis exam, two three-hour software observation exams, and a three-hour team competition.

Celestial mechanics, binary stars, extrasolar planets, astronomical telescopes and detectors were the topics covered in the theoretical segment.

The data analysis test focused on statistical techniques and graphical representation in the context of actual astronomical data, while the observational tests included observations of the night sky and the sun.

5 medals for India

“Overall it was a really good experience trying new kinds of problems and making new friends who shared the same interests as me. In India four of us won gold medals and one won a silver medal, ”he added.

one of the winners, said Suren News18.

Suren, 17, captured gold in the world competition and also passed one of the toughest exams in the country, achieving the 100 percentile on the JEE Main and achieving India’s 19 rank on the JEE Advanced.

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