Bad astronomy | NASA’s Lucy mission will visit at least 8 asteroids on a looping path

In just under a month, NASA will launch an ambitious mission through the asteroid belt and into Jupiter’s orbit. The spacecraft will not visit Jupiter, however: it will fly over several asteroids that share an orbit with the giant planet, seeking to investigate these fossils from the early days of the solar system. This mission […]

Misfit Meteorite sheds light on the history of the solar system – Sky & Telescope

Artist’s impression of the asteroid beltNASA / JPL-Caltech A fireball beautified the night sky over India on January 23, 1870. Accompanied by a thunderous detonation, the flaming mass crashed into the village of Nedagolla with enough force to leave passers-by stunned. The impact left just over 4 kilograms of cosmic rock – the Nedagolla meteorite. […]

Astronomy Applications Market Size, Growth and Analysis by Major Key Players – Terminal Eleven, Vito Technology, Icandi Apps, Sanville Software

Sample download request Request a discount Company Profile “Professional investigation reports including SWOT analysis of astronomy applications, CAGR and analysis of major global players including stock market rises and falls. “ The market report titled ‘Astronomy Applications Market’ examines the expanding structure of the current market globally through extensive research driven by the Astronomy Applications […]

The Brightest Stars: The 2021 Astronomical Photographer of the Year Award Winners

An image depicting a transient star trail, the Space X Falcon 9 passing through Earth’s Moon, and a glowing aurora were among this year’s category winners Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition. Now in its 13th year, the Astronomical Photographer of the Year, which is hosted annually by Royal Observatory Greenwich in association with BBC […]

The Astronomy Photo Awards present the most beautiful photos in the universe

An incredible image of a solar eclipse won this year’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. Selected from over 4,500 entries, the stunning photo was awarded alongside other highlights, including a number of technically masterful photos of distant galaxies. The illustrious photo contest is in its 13th year and is organized by the Royal Observatory […]

James Webb Space Telescope: How, When and Why Its Launch

Rehearsals and training at the Space Telescope Science Institute are essential to ensure that the assembly process runs smoothly and that any unexpected anomalies can be addressed. NASA / STScI, CC BY After the tests, the rehearsals. The telescope will be controlled remotely by commands sent over a radio link. But because the telescope will […]

Nanaimo Astronomy Society’s First Fall Meeting Focuses on Science Communication – Nanaimo News Bulletin

A man whose career is all about explaining science will give a presentation on the importance of communicating science at the Nanaimo Astronomy Society’s first fall meeting. Matthew S. Williams will present “Why Science Communication Matters” on Thursday, September 23, when he explores why a science communicator’s work in making science accessible to the general […]

The 10 most amazing volcanoes in the solar system – the clare people

Here on Earth there are many examples of mighty volcanoes of all shapes and sizes, but this geological formation is not exclusive to this “pale blue point”. Other worlds in the solar system also have volcanoes – and in this article you will get to know some of the most incredible volcanoes on Earth and […]

Why do the planets of the solar system orbit on the same plane?

If you’ve ever looked at a model of the solar system, you’ve probably noticed that the sun, planets, moons, and asteroids lie roughly on the same plane. But why is this? To answer this question, we have to travel to the very beginning of the solar system, around 4.5 billion years ago. At the time, […]