“Partially buried skeletons” seen in a NASA photo? “It’s a graveyard planet.”

NASA’s Perseverance rover sends an image of Mars to Earth. The viewer wants to see things about him that shouldn’t exist on the red planet.

Pasadena – the planet Mars is currently inaccessible to humans – perhaps for this reason, it inspires a lot and stimulates the imagination. What people on the Red Planet interpret can be seen over and over again when new images from NASA’s Curiosity rover, or “Perseverance,” are released. Sometimes there is talk of a “strange building” on Mars, and sometimes people who have seen a photo of Mars wonder if a rainbow can be seen on it.

One thing is certain: there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to images of the Red Planet, as evidenced by the image taken by NASA already in August 2021. Posted as “Image of the day in astronomy” she has. The image reminds him of ‘partially buried skeletons,’ writes Twitter user @nickstew_art and continues, ‘This is how the winds stripped the surface to expose the layers of rock below. It really is a graveyard planet.

NASA’s “Perseverance” rover returns a strange image of Mars: are there any skeletons visible on it?

According to NASA, the image was taken by the “Perseverance” rover on Mars on its 180th day on Mars (August 22, 2021). A large stone is visible in the center of the image, which the researchers named “Rochet”. The plan is for the rover to examine the stone with its two-meter-long robotic arm. If it has the right consistency, a rock sample will be taken, as was said in August.

The NASA rover knew “Perseverance” and the “Rochet” stone, which the rover will dig a few days after this recording. The recording reminds the Twitter user of “partially buried skeletons”.


It actually happened in September: the Perseverance rover drilled two holes in the stone and sent several selfies to Earth with a “Rochette”. The rock samples must also reach the ground at some point. It is currently planned that a future mission to Mars will transport soil samples collected by the “perseverant” rover and prepare to return to Earth.

NASA rover takes photos of objects not found on Mars

NASA rovers continue to take photos of things on Mars that shouldn’t exist on the Red Planet – and neither do they. In fact, the human brain likes to play tricks by looking at images taken from Mars. A “female figure” has already been discovered in the rock of Mars, a “floating spoon” or “pyramid”.

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The phenomenon at play here is called pareidolia and ensures that people believe they are learning things known in the unknown: for example, a woman dancing on the strange planet Mars. This phenomenon, a kind of “auto-completion” in the brain, also occurs on Earth – for example when you see a face on the moon or recognize terrestrial objects in cloud formations.

Photo suggests there are bones on Mars – NASA shows what can really be seen

The image of Mars is particularly persistent and circulates again and again on the Internet: the image is supposed to show a “human bone” on the surface of Mars. As explained by NASA at the time, the image was taken in 2014 and taken by the Curiosity rover.

“This Mars stone may look like a femur, but team members believe the shape was created by erosion – wind or water,” This is what NASA says. The Red Planet may never have been able to support organisms more complex than microbes, which is why large fossils are unlikely.

NASA assures us that no human bones are visible in this 2014 Mars image. Erosion (by wind or water) made the stone look like this.


In fact, NASA’s Curiosity and Perseverance rover is on Mars to see if the Red Planet once harbored life and if any traces of it remain today. Perseverance recently caused a stir with a very special discovery of Mars. (tongue)

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