Promote behavior around the planet and disseminate the SDGs, objectives of virtual visits to Ence


Student virtual tours at Ence will include this school year a new activity with which the company wants to promote personal behaviors among young people that have a positive impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is a very dynamic and agile social innovation laboratory, which also aims to promote better knowledge and wider dissemination of the SDGs.

This reinforces Ence’s commitment to sustainable development and the educational community, which for decades has made the company’s industrial activities in Huelva one of the most recurring extracurricular tour destinations.

Although the pandemic temporarily interrupted face-to-face visits, Ence resumed this important channel of contact with the company in the last quarter of 2020 by offering virtual visits. The objective is the same: to open the company to the student body so that they can see first-hand the work that Ence does in Huelva, as well as see live the tasks that are carried out at the Huelva factory.

During the 2021-22 academic year, visits will continue to be virtual according to the company’s own COVID prevention protocol. However, to continue to improve this activity, and to respond to the content requested by teachers in recent years, the company’s communication department has designed a new activity within the visit: a social innovation laboratory with the SDGs as reference.

So, in addition to directly contacting those who operate the plant and learning directly about the process of producing energy from biomass, the visiting boys and girls will also learn what the Sustainable Development Goals are and for what. they serve.

Additionally, through fun and agile group dynamics, they will collectively seek behaviors within their own spheres of influence that positively impact the SDGs. This is to promote awareness and awareness among young people necessary for social and environmental sustainability.

This innovative initiative is part of Ence’s commitment to the United Nations SDGs. From its Energy domain, and thanks to the promotion of production with renewable energies, Ence contributes directly to the fight against climate change (SDG 13) and to the promotion of sustainable energy that respects the environment (SDG 7). ). In this way, Ence’s biomass production is a model for the decarbonization process of the national energy system and contributes to other SDGs such as responsible production and consumption, industry, innovation and infrastructure, the SDG which promotes sustainable cities and communities, and the one which ensures the preservation of life in terrestrial ecosystems.


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