Save the animals and preserve the planet | Letters to the Editor

Across the country, marine and land animals are facing shocking problems due to the trash we throw away or leave unattended! And now, just to add to that problem, massive oil spills have spread to Huntington Beach.

This is a serious problem because just as we live and feel, so do animals, and they are innocent creatures suffering from the toxicity of oil drains, which we should all be aware of. Also, there is always the problem of climate change which continues to worsen over time, and we only have one planet, so we need to take care of it as much as possible.

While browsing the article on your platform, the Napa Valley Register, I came across the article on “Hungtington Beach Oil Spill Shows Leaders Must Take Aggressive Action” (November 13). Oil and gas companies do not take into consideration how their work affects marine life, as well as the environment. A large majority of Earth’s oxygen also comes from the sea, and water contamination kills animals and destroys marine plant ecosystems.

So it is time for the state to act and opt for measures that will prevent oil and gas companies from destroying the beaches and beautiful nature of the region, because if the state does not impose these restrictions, these companies will never understand. , all they care about is earning their own money, so that’s a way to raise awareness.

As people, we should also be advocating for change. For my part, I am now a senior at UCLA and volunteer with students at CALPIRG, a student-led organization on campus that advocates for 100% clean energy by 2030. We know the plan of California to switch to 100% clean energy is by 2045, but we believe it is not fast enough; we need to move the date to 2030 for maximum efficiency.

We must save animals and preserve the planet because if we don’t, where will we go and what place will our future generations have?

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