The largest planet in the solar system is coming to Earth! Is something terrible going to happen?

G 24-hour digital office: There are many games in the universe. transits of planets; Impact of asteroids from another place, solar storm, etc. The acceptance or that kind of matter sapper is there. This time, Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is approaching Earth. This month, the largest planet in the solar system will be visible in the sky all night. On this day, the distance between Earth and Jupiter will decrease. The distance between these two planets has never been so close in the past 70 years. Space scientists have declared this rare event to occur on September 26. On this day, Jupiter approaches very close to the Earth. Jupiter will be seen in the sky all night on this day. The Sun and Jupiter will be in the same direction, opposite the Earth. As a result, like the Sun, Jupiter will rise in the east and set in the west relative to Earth. It is known that on September 26, the distance between Earth and Jupiter will decrease to 58 million kilometers. In normal condition, this distance is 96 million kilometers.

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As Jupiter approaches Earth on September 26, it will appear much brighter and brighter from Earth, NASA said in a statement. This phenomenon is quite rare. According to the NASA source, Jupiter will be the brightest among other planets and stars in the sky on that day except the Moon. However, Jupiter cannot be seen with the naked eye from Earth. Scientists have said that if you want to see the planet, you must take the help of a telescope. A NASA official said that apart from the parent planet, three to four satellites of Jupiter can also be seen at this time with good binoculars.

Not only on September 26, scientists say Jupiter will be clearly visible in the night sky for several days before and after that. But if the weather is bad, you can’t see anything in the cloudy sky.

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