The solar system is actually crescent shaped based on a new computer model simulation! Experts explain why it’s unstable

The solar system has been described as a round shaped space body. But, this depicted appearance might have been wrong from the start, as a new computer simulation model shows it to be a crescent shape.

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Merav Ofer, a space expert from Boston University, led a group of astrophysicists from Greece, Russia and the United States. Together, they developed a new computer model called SHIELD (Solar-Wind with Hydrogen Ion Exchange and Large-Scale Dynamics).

They were able to do this using current theoretical studies and data collected by several space probes. So far, only two rockets have been able to reach the borders of the solar system. These include Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.

Is the solar system really crescent shaped?

According to the latest report from Sputnik News, the new computer model simulation showing the alleged real shape of the solar system is considered the most compelling representation of the heliosphere.

The solar system is actually crescent shaped based on a new computer model simulation!  Experts explain why it's unstable

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A multimedia simulation showing the new planet discovered at the La Silla observatory on April 24, 2007 in the facilities of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Santiago. Astronomers reported on Tuesday that they had discovered a “super-Earth” more than 20 light-years away which is the most intriguing world found so far in the search for alien life. About five times the mass of Earth.

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The Daily Mail UK’s reported that the crescent shape of Earth’s house shows it to be unstable due to hydrogen particles, which originate from interstellar space.

These particles are believed to create unstable solar winds and bend the heliosphere, leading to the crescent shape theory.

“How is this relevant to society? The bubble around us, produced by the sun, offers protection against galactic cosmic rays, and its shape can affect how these rays enter the heliosphere,” said explained one of the researchers involved, James Drake of the University of Maryland.

Other details of the new crescent shape theory

Based on the new computer model, experts found that particles from the sun are stable at first. However, when these heliospherical jets become unstable and start to curl.

Once that happened, it would create a larger scale of turbulence, leading to the crescent shape of the solar system. You can check this link to see more details.

NASA says SpaceX is the only agency capable of meeting its security standards in other news. Meanwhile, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured a new spiral galaxy.

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